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I discovered that not only a wound resided within me; It was my inner child, loving and free, waiting to be unleashed from the imaginary bars of my mind.

This kit is more than just a set of tools; It is an invitation to open the door to your soul. With a guide book and the "MiniYou", a tangible symbol of your inner child, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, honesty and self-love. Explore your being, identify the masks that hide you and free yourself from emotional ties. This magical and liberating process is your entrance to a full and authentic life.

With the 12 steps detailed in our book, dialogue, commit and heal your inner child. The "MiniYou" kit is a constant reminder of your commitment to personal growth and emotional release. You are one decision away from distancing yourself from the past and embracing a radiant future. Growth is exciting, choose to enjoy it!

Find your path to emotional freedom in our online store. Make up your mind and live the experience!

The MiniYou

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