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Transform Your Energy and Well-being with Medical Music

One of a kind: Discover the unique power of Medicine Music, a transformative experience that elevates your vibrational frequency beyond what you find on common platforms like YouTube or Spotify. Our exclusive tracks are infused with sound frequencies meticulously designed to promote healing and well-being, offering you a path to peace, insomnia relief, and anxiety reduction unlike any other. Embark on this journey toward a fuller, more peaceful life with our 2-day free trial.

​Specific Benefits of Our Medicine Music

​Incomparable Benefits: Unlike generic options available on streaming services, our Medicine Music provides tangible relief from insomnia, reduces anxiety and improves your mood in a profound and personalized way. Each track has been created with the purpose of raising your vibration, immersing you in a wellness experience that you won't find anywhere else.

Transforming Exclusivity: Take the step towards a balanced and healthy life with our exclusive 2-day free trial. Unlike generic frequencies on streaming platforms, you'll have unlimited access to our unique collection, designed to resonate deeply with you. By subscribing, you not only begin a journey towards well-being

We personalize your experience with a monthly appointment and give you a Personalized Mental Sphere, demonstrating how our unique frequencies, specific to each user, guide you in your personal and emotional growth. Act now; your path to a meaningful and lasting transformation is just a click away.

Start your free trial now! Transformationn one click away.

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Precios en MXN

  • Best Value

    Música Medicina

    Every month
    La Música Medicina es una terapia sonora que utiliza frecuencias curativas para armonizar cuerpo, mente y espíritu. Con instrumentos ancestrales y sonidos naturales, logra una profunda relajación.
     2 day free trial
    • Acceso a 1 consulta por mes y un servicio Personalizado
    • Reducción del Estrés y la Ansiedad
    • Mejora del Sueño
    • Aumento de la Concentración y la Claridad Mental
    • Emocionalmente equilibrante.
    • Alivio del Dolor
    • Reparación y Restauración Celular
    • Acceso ilimitado, total conveniencia.
    • Conexión Espiritual
    • Relajación Profunda
  • Plan Mensual

    Valid for one month
    • Meditaciones Semanales con Luis Neumann

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