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The Mayan Astral Chart is a study of your personal energy configuration and structure , based on the energy of the day of your birth. Mayan Astrology does not predict your future, that is in your hands, rather it offers you aroute map for Your Journey, the boost you now need to recover your creative power and command your life with more consciousness 

The main objective of the Mayan Carta is to help you understand who you are, telling you what tools, capabilities and internal resources you have to develop your life mission. Having this information will help you in your work of self-knowledge and personal balance, acting as personal medicine .

The Mayan Letter It is a personal report that explains how you move energy, giving you greater understanding of your life cycles and tools. It is a road map for you to know what your energy frequency is like and where it takes you, giving you a global perspective of your life path.

Know your Mayan kin, personal oracle and life mission through the Mayan tzolkin. The information contained in the Natal Chart is directly related to your soul, your energy and your personal style of movement in life. It will be of great help to you in your work of self-knowledge, also acting as personal medicine.

Aspects included:

  • Personal birth settings: Stamp, Tone, day, month and year
  • Life Mission, Birth Wavespell
  • Development of your Wavespell. Power Phrases
  • Personal energy oracle
  • Development of the personal Oracle. Internal talents and resources
  • Master path: Energy family to which you belong
  • Current Solar Transit

Writing and shipping time:

The writing of a Mayan Letter takes 15 days, I am writing to you indicating the date on which you will receive your personal report (counting from the payment date)

The Letter is sent in PDF format using the person's email address that you have previously provided to us.


Important!! Don't forget to send place, date and time of birth 



Sales Tax Included
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