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Within this course you will learn how to deprogram your mental and emotional computer from the control matrix that keeps humanity in a permanent state of low vibration, illness and ignorance. You will discover how to SURE your HEART from the evil that exists in the dense dimension of matter. The main mission is to RETURN again to the UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS from which we all come, and that we have forgotten within the cycle of reincarnations or wheel of Samsara that happens on Earth. Once the NEW CONSCIOUSNESS is acquired, EVERYTHING will change FOR GOOD around us (situations, relationships, circumstances and experiences). Thanks to the content of the course you will know how to free yourself or transcend forever fear, ego, attachment, guilt, worry, ignorance and all the mental programs that have been created by the prevailing system and the control matrix. The only intention of darkness is to continue manipulating and subduing all of humanity, so that we never wake up from the spiritual lethargy in which we find ourselves as a collective. Through the different classes and modules WE WILL DEPROGRAM the deficiency, illness and dependency program. Together we will activate the NEW PROGRAMS OF TRUE LOVE, EMPOWERMENT, SELF-SUFFICIENCY, FREEDOM, PURPOSE, EMPATHY, COLLABORATION and GENEROSITY. At the end of this training you will have the best spiritual tools to integrate without problems into the NEW ERA or FIFTH DIMENSION, where this planet and everything that inhabits it is heading.

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