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Awaken your Inner God

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In this ascension process that we are experiencing, we are pleased to facilitate this activity to help you discover who you are, which parts of you were numbed, lethargic by the matrix, preventing you from taking on your life mission. We, as an Adamic race, are experiencing a period of purification of the being according to the view of the Mayan Synchronary since last 07/26/2019 where we began a period of 13 years of transmutation, refinement and purification of the being. We are leaving an old paradigm where the manipulations of the matrix were so subtle that we remained surrendered and submissive to the system, renouncing our personal power. Fortunately, all of this is changing and we are making it easier thanks to the personal work of each being who commits to discovering who they are. And take a path in coherence with “your Monad I am”.

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