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Emotional Astrology Workshop



In this exclusive Basic Emotional Astrology workshop, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and deep connection with the cosmos. "Discovering Your Cosmic Footprint" is designed for beginners and astrology enthusiasts seeking to understand the fundamental energies that make up their essence and spiritual DNA. Through an enjoyable and accessible exploration, you will unravel the mysteries of your natal chart, learning to read and interpret its key aspects. This workshop will not only provide you with the tools necessary to identify your unique cosmic imprint, but will also offer you a clear understanding of how the energies of the planets influence and mark every aspect of your being. What you will learn: Birth Chart Fundamentals: Understand the structure and essential components of the birth chart, and how these relate to you. Planetary Energy in your DNA: Discover how each planet leaves an indelible mark on your energy and essence, and what this means for your personal and spiritual journey. Interpretation and Practical Application: Learn to apply the knowledge acquired in your daily life, improving your emotional and spiritual well-being. This workshop is perfect for those looking to deepen their astrological knowledge and gain a new perspective on their life through the lens of emotional astrology. No prior experience is required, just an open heart and mind to the possibilities the universe has to offer. Join us on this journey toward self-knowledge and cosmic exploration, and discover the unique energy that resides in your DNA.

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