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Transpersonal Biodecoding

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The course "Transpersonal Biodecoding: Integral Healing and Quantum Consciousness" is an online educational experience that explores the connection between mind, body and spirit. This program, divided into three units and 14 videos, offers an in-depth focus on Germanic Healing Science, the principles of Biodecoding and Transpersonal Psychology. Unit 1: Germanic Healing Science Introduces the biological approach to disease, exploring how our biological adaptive responses are activated to resolve internal conflicts, based on the teachings of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. Unit 2: Biodecoding Delve into the impact of emotions and past experiences on physical health. Explores concepts such as the unconscious and memorized biological cycles, helping students understand and transform emotional and mental patterns. Unit 3: Transpersonal Psychology and Quantum Physics Examines the nature of reality and the human role in it, providing a broader understanding of consciousness and perception. In addition to video content, the course includes PDF and audio materials, along with live Q&A sessions for an interactive learning experience. This course is ideal for those seeking to deepen self-knowledge and apply holistic healing practices in their daily lives. Modality By signing up you access the virtual platform where you have all the content available in video, to go through each topic according to your time and as many times as you want. You also have integration spaces that take place live, with questions and answers (once a month) provided by Daniela and Matias. There we expand what we have seen and work as a group to integrate the stories and sustain the frequency of love on the Internet. In the Group Connected to the course.

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