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Module 4: Human Sexual Response



Discover the Universe of Sexuality: From the Western and Taoist Perspective to the Map of Erotic Reflexes and Primordial Breathing In this innovative course, we explore the rich and diverse nature of human sexuality, ranging from Human Sexual Response in the West to the mystical approaches of the Tao, complemented by advanced techniques such as the Erotic Reflex Map and the practice of Primordial Breathing. This journey of discovery is an invitation to understand and experience sexuality in a deeper and more enriching way. Course Highlights: Human Sexual Response in the West: Analyzes Western studies and theories on human sexual response, providing a scientific and psychological basis for understanding our sexuality. Human Sexual Response in the Tao: Immerse yourself in the Taoist view of sexuality, a perspective that views sexuality as a source of vitality and harmony, and learn how this ancient philosophy addresses sexual energy. Erotic Reflexes Map: Discover the world of erotic reflexes, understanding how different areas of the body can influence and increase sexual pleasure. This section of the course gives you practical knowledge to enrich your intimate experience. The Observant SELF: Develop the ability to be a conscious observer of your own sexual experiences, which will allow you greater understanding and connection with your inner self and with your partner. Primordial Breathing: Learn breathing techniques that not only enhance the sexual experience, but also promote better overall health and well-being. This practice will help you connect more deeply with your body and your sensations. This course is designed to offer you a comprehensive understanding of sexuality, combining ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. You will be guided through each topic with attention and care, ensuring a rich and t learning experience.

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