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Angelic Oracles Course

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What will you learn? Learn everything related to oracles or cards How to choose the best oracle How to consecrate it Various types of readings including readings to give therapy angélica Prerequisites: No experience necessary previous AIM In this workshop you can learn everything related to oracles, from how to choose the best oracle, how to consecrate it, to how to create an action plan with the messages received through the cards. The oracle is a tool that helps you position yourself in your life for correct decision-making.  You will learn to get the most out of this tool and use it for different types of readings. Likewise, you will learn to use the cards to give angelic therapies. CONTENT What is an oracle? The role of intuition in a reading. Difference between oracle, tarot and Spanish deck How to choose an oracle and how to clean it? The consecration process Saving or storing your oracles How to work with oracles and ask the right questions? How to make a roll? Take a spin: To thirds To yourself Tips for a good reading. Types of runs A letter Three letters five cards six cards Your own runs Other examples. How to use oracles to give angelic therapy? Final points. ACHIEVEMENTS AND BENEFITS OF THE WORKSHOP Connection with the energy of the oracles. Development of your intuition, through your psychic abilities. Raise your vibration.

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