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Multidimensional DNA recoding

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Are you ready to AWAKEN ALL YOUR UNLIMITED POWER? Beautiful soul, Have you heard that you have unlimited power and you don't know how to use it? You are on this path of awakening consciousness and now you are ready to AWAKEN ALL YOUR UNLIMITED POWER in every sense. I am Nieves Martínez and I am going to teach you how to embrace your soul and connect with your BEING to activate and recalibrate through the intelligent body (which encompasses all your bodies: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic). And in this way, reconnect with the Source, with your deepest DIVINE BEING; which will increase the efficiency and magnificence of Multidimensional DNA. By being connected to the Source you will awaken all your unlimited power, free of limiting programming. Are you ready for the RECODING AND RECALIBRATION OF YOUR MULTIDIMENSIONAL DNA? We will achieve this through 8 modules with the following topics, meditations and activations: -What is the human soul, the I Am and the intelligent body? -Recoding and cellular and DNA communication. -Cosmic intention in action. -Revealing your power of Birth. -Unification of the fields. -Modifying the traumas of the Akash. -Healing and recalibrating cellular memory. -Frequency Activation of the Pineal and DNA. MEDITATIONS: - MEDITATION 1: RELEASING MEMORIES OF THE AKASH AND RECONNECTION WITH INNATE - MEDITATION 2: UNIFICATION OF THE FIELDS AND RECODING OF THE DNA - MEDITATION 3: PINEAL ACTIVATION DECREE OF ASCENSION AND RECONFIGURATION OF THE BEING

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